Meet Malene

From the age of 7, I have sketched my ideas and creations on paper. From early on, my art was inspired in the desire to become a fashion designer but, before I could sew, I sketched all my fashion designs and I learned to paint to enhance my fashion visions.

While running my couture fashion business, I painted as a form of creative meditation but, when 3 of my personal paintings were purchased at a charity auction, I learned that painting was another way I connected with people. I understood then that fashion design and painting are passions that coexist, inspiring and feeding one another... and my heart and soul.

Original Gallery

I am continually expanding my gallery of watercolour and acrylic paintings in themes that inspire me. 






I am grateful that my creativity can help support important causes in our community. Over the years, I've donated art for auctions at events benefiting charities and non-profit organizations that have touched my heart. If you have a cause that is close to yours, I would love to hear about it.