Malene Grotrian's Story

From the age of 7, I have sketched my ideas and creations on paper. From early on, my art was inspired in the desire to become a fashion designer and, before I could sew, I sketched all my fashion designs. I learned to paint in watercolour and acrylic to enhance my fashion visions.

When I started my ready-to-wear and made-to-measure fashion line in 2004, I didn’t need to paint my sketches any longer, because I got to bring them to life on the runway and in the lives of my clients.

In and around 2012, I began painting again more regularly as a form of creative meditation. It wasn’t until I donated 3 of my personal paintings to a charity auction for a cause I hold dear, that I understood that painting was another way I connected with people, besides fashion.

I embarked upon a deeper exploration of my abstract painting and, since 2014, I have been expanding my gallery of art in a variety of themes of women, energy, nature, metallic and custom commissioned work.

My mediums of fashion design and painting now intermingle and coexist, inspire and fuel one another… as well as my heart and soul, as I hope it will yours!

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My Process & Inspiration

A profound curiosity fuels my inspiration to embrace themes which are a novelty for me, whether it be a new object, colour, medium, or application technique. Each process is unique. I am passionate about creating something original and I embrace a variety of themes and motifs in my art.

It is a process of trust in the journey, combined with curiosity and play, that creates the final art piece. I can never predict exactly where I will end up with a piece, because I surrender in the process and let one brush stoke lead to the next, allowing for the magic and that which we cannot plan ahead to appear.

I am grateful that my creativity can help support important causes in our community. Over the years, I've donated art for auctions at events benefiting charities and non-profit organizations that have touched my heart. If you have a cause that is close to yours, I would love to hear about it.